Public Health reveal their new single, "All Blue Everything"

Hailing from Philadelphia is Public Health and not too long ago they revealed their nostalgic new single, "All Blue Everything". The new single is their second of the year following on from the vibrant "Understand Driving" and is just the third-ever standalone single they've released (as the first three releases were all EPs).
It's a pure nostalgic rush and we love it.

As soon as the track kicks off it's rather evident that Public Health may be channeling some Johnny Marr here with the jangly sounding guitars, and the comparisons to The Smiths don't stop there. Vocally they're dreamy much like Morrissey's but these are more on the hazy end of the spectrum.

The tempo is fantastic with a  drumbeat that can keep up with the very best, and all the while has you tapping your feet eagerly waiting for some drops of guitar. It's a pure nostalgic rush and we love it.