Rohith Shaker releases the smooth new single, "These Walls"

 Coming out of Phoenix, AZ is Rohith Shaker and just last week saw him release the smooth new single, "These Walls". The new single is the third release from Rohith since he started releasing tracks at the start of the year, but by the sound of it he's been in the game for years as it's so cohesive. 

Rohith Shaker, remember the name, he could be massive!

Vocally I'm reminded of Liam Fray here, the soft and dreamy tones flow so well over the soulful guitar, bass and brass tones. Yes I said that, there's some brass and horns on "These Walls", and for me whenever I hear them I end up going from a 'yeah it's good' to a 'wow, yes please! more'.

The whole track reminds me of the type of track that can fit snugly into a blockbuster movie, for the montage scenes. It's cinematic, dreamy and has plenty of waltzing sounds to keep you listening until the very end. Rohith Shaker, remember the name, he could be massive!