Sam Drysdale unveils his anthemic new cut, "Love & Violence"

The ever-amazing Sam Drysdale unveiled his touching anthemic new single, "Love & Violence", and if you're new to his tones then you're in for a treat. You see Sam may just be one of the best vocalists who is yet to break out of Canada.

Stunning and beautiful, yet another reason to love Sam Drysdale.

"Love & Violence" bursts to life in an instant with Sam's honest and raw vocals, and not long before the chorus it's backed up with a atmospheric blend of acoustic guitar with a twinkle of strings for added depth. 

The track has this somewhat infectious energy even though the tempo is on the slower side, but it's backed up with some seemingly angelic soulful vocals in the latter third. Sam Drysdale is forever going to be a fantastic singer-songwriter so please do head down below and fall in love with it.