Tez reveals their addictive new track, "Feels Like Winning"

The Canterbury-based quartet of Tez revealed their addictive new track, "Feels Like Winning", just yesterday and it's already getting into our veins! It's a dreamy combination of vibrant jumpy guitars that Foals are known for, mixed with a smooth vocal line that Alfie Templeman fans would melt like butter for.

With this track they could be on the cusp of something special!

The track sits in that perfect area of a few genres, the alt-pop tones that give it a drive, soulful vocals with a dreamy - somewhat psychedelia - undertone, and when this track drops in the latter third that's when I knew I was going to end up loving this band.

They've managed to create a captivating atmosphere here that is perfect for drifting away into a world whilst dancing your legs off.