The Amber List drop their upbeat new single, "Thousand"

Hailing from Preston in Lancashire is The Amber List and recently this feisty trio has dropped their frantic new single, "Thousand". The new single is their second of the year and by all regards may just be the biggest track too (not just of the year but of anything they've released so far).
"Thousand" reminds me of the very best of British guitar music from the past 40 years!

Opening up with a rushing guitar backed up with fast-paced drums gives the listener a sense of urgency, and urges them to at least stay with their ears until the chorus.

It's one of those tracks that delivers an electrifying rush with its chunky guitar tones that reminds me of the very best of British guitar music, all the way from the 1980s to the post-punk revival scene of the 2010s. It's raw and filled with hooks, I must say, this is going to get them plenty of fans - so do be sure to give this track a listen before everyone else does.