Shana Sarett unveils her dreamy new single, "Minnesota"

Hailing from LA is Shana Sarett with her dreamy and angelic new single "Minnesota", which is just her fifth release since her debut back in 2020.

Cinematic dream-pop at it's finest, be sure to give "Minnesota" a listen!

The new track is an incredibly dreamy slice of music with vocals that can rival the likes of Bjork and Enya in terms of ethereal tones. Musically it's sweet and striking with no instrument coming across as too in your face, it's a perfect mix of angelic synths and electronically charged vocals with clean percussion.

It's no wonder why the vocals are so good as Shana is a classically trained opera singer, and as far as we're concerned here the vocals carry the track, ensuring that we went right into her older tunes as soon as this finished. The track has this slight nostalgic feel about it, taking me back to being in the back of the car in the 1990s driving around the country and watching the world go by.