sad films return with their new single, "Dog Day"

Emerging from the music scene in Greater Manchester last year as a fresh new band, sad films is that band and recently they have returned with their new single, "Dog Day". Speaking about the song the Salford act says - " ... "Dog Day" is an up-tempo ballad that explores the desperate, and sometimes criminal, lengths people can resort to in order to communicate those three little words, 'I love you'." 
A smooth example of melodic soft-rock that's been performed with heart and soul.

The single is just their second to be released since forming but when you listen to it you'd have thought they've been at this for years. "Dog Day" has a rather distinct intro which sounds like a spaceship charging for take-off mixed with synth-pop charms. 

The project is actually the solo project of singer-songwriter Dan Lucas and showcases his talent highly, as you can hear sunkissed guitar tones wrapped up in sleek production and vocal tones that remind me of a variety of artists, from The Beatles to Courteeners.