Tally Spear drops her new tune, "Here Comes The Rain"

Following on from her previous single, "Constellations", back in 2023 Tally Spearhas now returned and has dropped her bold new tune, "Here Comes The Rain". The new song is a great blend of pop-rock and pop-punk tones, with the intro especially showcasing the range of sounds.

A perfect slice of music that showcases everything Tally has to offer.

Speaking about the song Tally says - "I wrote the song during a bought of insomnia while abroad in Cyprus on a writing trip, I was barely sleeping at all, and I was definitely questioning my life choices at the time!"

On this song I get big vibes of Pale Waves blended with Avril Lavinge, vocally it's powerful, and strong and can easily turn you from a casual listener to a hard-core fan. The production on the track is sensational, with the mixing of the guitars just set ever so perfectly that you can do some air guitar to the track while singing along to the infectious vocal tones. 

With support from the likes of Radio 1, Kerrang! and BBC Introducing London on her previous releases this track is just further cementing her rise, and I'm sure that'll be a song in her setlist for many years to come!