Tourist Attraction reveals their new tune, "You Were Right"

Coming out of the scene in St Albans is Tourist Attraction, and they've just revealed their charging new tune, "You Were Right", with it being their fourth since relaunching in 2023 after previously only having their debut EP out on Spotify.

Nostalgic, fresh and crisp - "You Were Right" has it all.

The new single kicks off with a synth line that reminds me of The Killers mixed with a bassline to match. Once the intro has passed us by the smooth vocal hooks come in and the track then takes on a new form of upbeat indie-rock. The track is so playful with charming backing vocals doubling up on one another, powerful drum kicks and a sweet guitar frolicking away like a bird on a Spring morning.

This new slice of music from the trio is a breath of fresh air, as it's nostalgic with a touch of modern production to balance it all off - so well might I add. So if you're looking for a fun new band to check out make sure to check this track out.