Alexa Villa unveils her new track, "My Kind of Damaged"

Now edging closer to a million plays on Spotify is Alexa Villa and just a few weeks ago saw the singer-songwriter unveil her latest track, "My Kind of Damaged". The song is the first song from her forthcoming EP that was written and produced by Villa herself!

I was wowed from the first play!

The new track from the Californian artist is a huge statement as it's one that can grab your attention with her vocals alone. The fact that the track is cinematic and gripping from the get-go means that you'll certainly be invested into the track rather quickly.

Speaking about the song Alexa says - "This song is about facing those fears after what seems like a lifetime of running from my feelings." For me, I want to compare this against James Bone theme tunes as it's got so much swagger, emotion, and charm with it feeling like it's been written for a movie soundtrack. Once it gets going it's more of a piano-lead rock tune, but just trust me on this one when I saw I was wowed from the first play!