Cat & Mauss reveal their new track, "Gold"

Just a few days ago saw the Dusseldorf do of Cat & Mauss reveal their new track, "Gold". The new cut is the follow-up to their debut single, "Sinking Deeper", and is a continuation of the sound heard in that previous track.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds meets PJ Harvey

The sound heard is a retro-tinted track that sounds like it's been lifted from a Western film soundtrack, even with the church bell kicking things off I get big Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds vibes with the vocals sounding like a blend of PJ Harvey and Lana Del Rey.

In short, the vocals on this can easily capture your ears like a trawler in shallow water, it's almost a dead cert you'll listen to it all the way through. Mixed into the song are some angular guitar tones which adds to the whole experience of it all, and once the track is over you're left with this taste in your mouth that you want more.

Thankfully you can satisfy those cravings for more music as this the second release from their upcoming album "Tales from the Desert, tales from the Sea" which is out later this year.