Jason Lyles unveils his nostalgic new tune, "Deflated"

Coming out of the scene in Chattanooga, TN is Jason Lyles and just last week saw the singer-songwriter unveil his nostalgic new tune, "Deflated". The single is his second outing of the year already, and it even features the previous single as the B-side - perhaps a way to entice new listeners into his music even more.

A pleasant take on the 90s grunge sound.

Credit: Ricky Davis

"Deflated" sounds to me like the perfect track for those people who want to feel like they've been hankering for sounds of the mid-90s grunge scene. Yes, the track isn't as thick as the likes of Nirvana, but what Jason has done here is bring a lovely modern sheen to a sound that we can all agree is fantastic.

Vocally it's nasally, slightly in the same region as Liam Gallagher but not as charging, more pronounced. When you combine all of those elements together it makes the track's run-time of nearly five minutes feel like a blink.