Sandi Thom returns with her new single, "Revolution Anthem (Festival Of The Oppressed)"

The amazing Sandi Thom has sensationally returned with her new single, "Revolution Anthem (Festival Of The Oppressed)". The new single comes as her first since her single "Silence" was released at the back end of 2023 and is a fantastic glimpse of her skills.

 Sandi Thom delivers once again a timeless classic.

Of course, everyone knows of her "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)" single released back in 2006, but this new cut sounds like it could be at the same level as the aforementioned track in a few years time (especially considering what it's about).

Key topics in the video are Brexit, The Tories and the war in Ukraine - which are three of the biggest talking points within the UK, and the Scottish singer-songwriter once again has provided us with a track that focuses highly on her lyrics which gives you plenty of hooks to be drawn into it with.

There's no denying that  Sandi Thom's brand new tune - "Revolution Anthem (Festival Of The Oppressed)" - is up there with her very best, so do give it a play and rediscover an artist that has probably already captured your heart.