Trash Pals unveils their new bop, "Sonya"

Sunny California is the home to Trash Pals and just a couple of days ago saw the duo unveil their new bop, "Sonya". The new track straddles the line perfectly of the lo-fi and indie-rock genres, with a delicate balance of scuzzy guitar tones and bedroom-pop tones. 

If I were you, I'd keep an eye on them. They sound like a band that can do well for themselves. 

The new single acts as their second outing of the year and is once again a strong reminder from the band that California is now just about Rap, as there's this amazing guitar-driven scene.

Having been friends for 15 years it really shows here how cohesive the track sounds. The sunkissed vocals project so much warmth in the song right down your ears, and as the track progresses you too will find yourself hovering over their old music waiting to give it a play.

Having only been a band since 2023 I'm sure that with every release there will be more fans flocking to give their tunes a play, just keep an eye on them!