B. Snipes unveils his anthemic new single, "Friend"

If you like the sound of Anthemic tracks that have an underbelly of New Wave and organic instrumentation then you'll love B. Snipes and his upbeat new single, "Friend". Based out of Birmingham, AL the singer-songwriter delved right into our hearts with the intro, and let me tell you that the mixture of The Smiths sounding bass, synths and a danceable drumbeat won us from the intro alone.

B. Snipes is one one seriously under-the-radar singer-songwriter!

Not taking anything away from the rest of the track but the chorus of the track is the most infectious part of the track, and when you add in charismatic vocal melodies and a high-octane piano it just adds even more to what already is an atmospheric track.

The breakdown towards the end is a masterstroke too, and if you get to this point we feel like you'll be heading into their back catalogue for more gems. But before you do, be sure to follow them on the social channels so you don't miss any more epic anthems like this from one seriously under-the-radar act.