Shai Brides unveils their upbeat new single, "Little Things"

Since their first single dropped in 2019 Shai Brides have been consistently been releasing upbeat slices if indie-pop perfection, and today the band has unveiled their equally upbeat new single, "Little Things".

Infectious indie-pop, you'll be bopping along in no time.

If you are fans of Fickle Friends, The 1975 and Pale Waves then Shai Brides sounds is the best of all three of those bands, wrapped up in one nostalgic-sounding bow. The energetic start to the song almost got me in as a fan, it's so angular and with the frantic drumbeat I was already tapping along before I knew it.

Vocally it's so strong with both female and male vocals on show, and it works so well. Simply upbeat and sublime indie-pop still can't sum this track up, it takes a lot for us to be so engrossed into a track on the first play, but Shai Brides certainly got a new fan in us today!

They will play a top-secret, record-capacity headliner at a London venue later this year, so be sure to follow them on their socials to stay in the loop.