Snap Infraction share their nostalgic new single, "Touch The Sun"

Back with this third release of the year is Snap Infraction with their new single, "Touch The Sun". The latest offering from the Philadelphia-based trio is more leaning towards the acoustic side of things, possibly even dabbling into the realms of The Beatles' later work too.

A wonderful stroll down memory lane with "Touch The Sun".

The nostalgic cut is laced with acoustically-driven guitars backed up with a basslike that'll be sure to keep you all warm and cosy on a winter's night. Vocally I felt like I was taken back to the 1970s, more to the point around the time of when The Beatles were coming to an end. It's very power-pop meets early new-wave with the vocal approach, but when it comes to the instrumentation here it's nothing short of crisp and sleek.

If you'll be a first-time listener to Snap Infraction then this is one of the best songs to start on, and they've got plenty more where that came from with seasonal tracks to more upbeat efforts such as 2021's "Repeat Offender".