FAMILY VIDEO return with strong new single, "Problem With My Heart"

North Carolina's FAMILY VIDEO have returned with their strong new single, "Problem With My Heart", which acts as the first since the band dropped their album, "Shades", back in 2022. As soon as we clicked play we were greeted with a funky synth tone that can fill up every void of space inside your head, it's thick and full on but we loved it. 

It's got sounds that can fill up every void of space inside your head.

The tempo of the track sat rather well with us too, and when you combine the powerful vocal tones it won us over well before the first chorus came in, and when it does it feels borderline 80s synth-pop-anthem that's been frozen in time (and subsequently defrosted for 2024) mixed with modern day pop-punk tones.

One cool thing about the band is that they construct their own MIDI controllers which adds even more uniqueness to their brand of synth-pop. If you like the more electronic side of Bloc Party, Gang of Four and recent Kasabian songs then you'll love these lot!