My Satellite drop their new melodic single, "Denial"

Coming out of the Californian music scene is My Satellite, and today sees the duo drop their new melodic single, "Denial". The outfit has been releasing music since 2010 but in the last six months has seen them get well over 300k streams on Spotify alone, almost securing them virality in their region. 

My Satellite could be a force to be reckoned with, keep a very close eye on them!

The new tune is an absolute kaleidoscope of funky squelchy sounds, licks of psychedelic basslines and hazy vocals that will no doubt take you to an alternative universe .Speaking about the song they say - "It's a story of convincing your lover to let go of their post-fight anger, drop the hurt feelings and just have a night of fun."

The way the track starts off is fantastic, an effectively offers the listener everything they're about in the intro alone. Of course, it won't be long before the vibe of the track is injected into your veins surging around and giving you plenty of reason to delve deeper into their previous tunes,

There is no doubt that this duo is on the rise, and at the current rate they could be one of the hottest bands for next year's festival billings - just do us a favour and follow them on the social channels and Spotify as they're not done yet!