Nolo Grace returns with her powerful new single, "Mother"

 The California-based singer-songwriter, Nolo Grace, has recently returned with her new single, "Mother". The track is more of the same cinematic-sounding indie-pop that has got her well over 300k streams on Spotify, and right from the get-go you can hear this almost echoed with a dreamy synth tone and her captivating vocals.

Watch out for the drop around the three-minute mark, one of the best we've heard in this genre for ages, with stunning vocals throughout too.

Produced by Martin Wave (who has over a billion streams to his credits) the song hits you right in the feels with the track focusing highly on Nolo Grace's vocal ability. As the single goes by the atmosphere gets bigger and bigger, it's a steady build but when it hits you will still be blown away. 

It's around the three-minute mark that the drop comes, and to be honest, the way it happens is similar to that of the very best Florence and the Machine tracks, driven by vocals and powerful with the drums I can see this being a winner in her live sets for years on end.