Social Creatures drop their nostalgic new cut, "The Ravine"

Social Creatures earlier this month dropped their new EP, "The Ravine", and the lead single on the record is a perfect gateway track into their sound. Even from the very start the track hooks you in, it's a blend of those soft key sounds and crisp vocals that will ultimately bring you from being a curious listener to a fan.

Filled with nostalgic hooks from the mid to late 00s.

The sound for me reminds me a lot of The Killers early work, even when it comes to the vocal approach and the warmth coming from the guitars it feels like we've been taken back to the 00's in Las Vegas. The EP is a collection of music that was written and recorded while on the road promoting their debut LP, which has subsequently gone on to get over half a million streams on Spotify alone

If you like big guitars mixed in with nostalgic sounds of an era that was arguably the best for the indie scene then hop on this time machine of a track and sink into the sounds of Social Creatures. I found myself heading into their previous singles after this, so it's safe to say that this Brooklyn-based band are certainly on a rise that could be huge.