Will Pope releases his captivating new single, "Rooftops"

The London-based singer-songwriter Will Pope just this Friday released his new brand new single, "Rooftops". Speaking about the song Will mentions - "it's an introspective song about pre-empting loss", so get ready for a raw and emotional song.

Raw, emotive and a perfect glimpse into the sound of Will Pope.

The single acts as his third of the year and it's once again a great slice of everything Will Pope is all about, as you will soon find out the intro alone is enough to capture the hearts of a casual listener with its dreamy and charming folk-driven guitar, but the real show starts when Pope's vocals come in.

The soothing sound of Will's vocal chords is equally tender, raw and emotive. You can't help but stick around for the full duration as what you hear is something that can easily climb to the top of the charts and cling on for years to come.

I guess the tl;dr on this is it's simply fantastic and will be a track that Will Pope will be performing for hopefully decades.