Ambergrove shares their new single, "lØve!" featuring Dre Ishmail

Coming out of Sunny California is Ambergrove and not too long ago the band shared their new single, "lØve!", which features rising British hip-hop artist Dre Ishmail.

Speaking about the track Ambergrove mentions - "Our track "l​Ø​ve!" came to be in a fascinating manner. We had released a music video for a single of ours called "dØves!". We originally had the idea of having someone do a remix of "dØves!" but didn't want to settle on that, as we thought the song stood out on its own. Instead, we toyed with the idea of putting the song in reverse and creating a whole brand new song out of it, which eventually became "l​Ø​ve!". We then connected with an upcoming spoken word/hip hop artist from the UK named Dre Ishmail, who just let his pen do the talking."

Vocally stunning and with such sonic instruments that will draw you in within an instant.

For me, the track is rather sonic with an intro that will easily get you fixated on what's entering your head. The cutting and chopping vocals that tiptoe around the electronic sounds are an epic way to kick things off. But once the track is in full flow it sounds more like one of those electronically charged tracks by The 1975.

Vocally it's stunning and reminds me a lot of the late 2010s indie scene in the UK with well-spoken vocals painting a clear canvas for you to vision. Ambergrove even has a debut full-length album that will be out this year so be sure to follow them closely as this could go viral!