ARCTISKY unveils their new alt-pop tune, "Unreal Love"

Coming out of the Maldives but now based out of Melbourne in Australia is ARCTISKY, just the Friday gone the singer-songwriter unveiled their new alt-pop tune, "Unreal Love". The new tune is just his second release since he went on his solo journey and it's a really solid outing from the artist.

"Unreal love" is smooth throughout, a real alt-pop bop.

Sitting in at nearly five minutes long it's so damn smooth throughout, with ARCTISKY's stunning vocals acting as the driving force for the track. It's so weird that this comes after a two-year break as this sounds so flawless and polished, almost as if he has never stopped making tunes.

The dreamy track acts as a teaser for his debut album "Roots Vol. 1", and based on this track alone the debut record could be a huge one for him. Speaking about the track he mentions - "The song masterfully balances melancholic undertones with an overarching sense of hope and optimism, creating a deeply emotional yet uplifting listening experience."

So if you like what you hear be sure to follow ARCTISKY on the social channels so you don't miss further single releases - and of course the LP when it drops!