Edie Yvonne drops her big new anthem, "15 (When I Leave)"

Teenage superstar and future Coachella headline act Edie Yvonne has today dropped her big new anthem, "15 (When I Leave)". The track comes in a line of strong outings from the Californian and this new offering is certainly going to be sitting pretty on her Spotify page for many years to come.

Summer 2003 pop-punk meets Galstonbury festival headliner, this track has the energy to capture your inner rocker.

The screeching punk-rock guitar that kicks it all off reminds me a lot of the likes of Sum 41, and to be honest when the drums fully kick in I'm getting the Summer 2003 vibe all over again.

Vocally this is Edie at her finest, with them not being too hidden beneath the guitar tones they're full-on and there for you to get thoroughly engaged with. The chorus once more is a huge lesson to plenty of budding songwriters, it's got all of those hooks that you need to go viral, clean delivery and a rhythm that can get anyone tapping a beat to it.