Erik Hansen shares his new track, "Savior"

Coming out from the delightfully-named Warmbeach, WA is Erik Hansen, and just earlier on this month the singer-songwriter shared his new track, "Savior". Lifted from his second EP "Seasons of the Wind II" and it also acts as the lead track.

 It's frantic high octane and filled with plenty of hooks.

A huge guitar walks into your ears in the intro as if it's a good guy in a western, bold and ready to do business. The track kicks up pace shortly thereafter and when the vocals come rolling by you'll easily end up falling head over heels for this nostalgic sounding rock tune.

With sounds that straddle grunge, early-2000s punk-rock and post-punk revival there's certainly a sound for anyone who listened to guitar-driven music at the turn of the century. It's frantic high octane and filled with plenty of hooks, so do be sure to check the rest of the EP out too!