Htet drops their new electro-pop tune, "Nightcrawler"

Htet hails from Myanmar (aka Burma) and she's recently dropped her new late-night electro-pop anthem, "Nightcrawler". The new single is her first since 2023's "Floating" and is a big statement from the vocalist as the track sounds like it's been written for those late-night sets at festivals, the type that can get anyone grooving and bopping along to the sizzling vocal tones.

A late night anthem for those EDM lovers.

The beat to the track is set perfectly so that anyone with a pulse will feel it surge through their veins, ultimately getting them moving their body uncontrollably. The fact that Htet's talent and appeal have earned her features with the likes of Michael Kors, ESPN, NBA, and NFL is a huge testament to her talent. 

The rhythm in the song is infectious, her vocals are upliftingly beautiful and all wrapped up in some of the cleanest production I've heard on this type of music for a while, it's clear that "Nightcrawler" could be Htet's calling card in a few years time.