Letters From Suburbia share their brand new tune, "MEDICAL BOOMERANG"

Coming out of the USA is Letters From Suburbia with their punk-driven new track, "MEDICAL BOOMERANG". The new single is their first since 2023's "The Districts Sleeps Alone Tonight" and sounds like a pop-punk anthem that soundtracked my childhood and those skatepark evening sessions.

A pop-punk-driven anthem with relatable lyrics. 

Speaking about the song they say - "This song is everything I've ever wanted to express about dealing with corporate health care in modern America. Modern medicine is not all that it's cracked up to be... if you can even afford it."

Even though the track is less than three minutes long it's got one heck of a chorus to drag you in, solid punk-driven vocals that fans of MGK and Blink 182 would easily like and a beat that'll have fans jumping up and down in their thousands in a live setting.

With a solid trying of single releases since Letters From Suburbia first dropped a track back in 2021 this track may suggest big things are around the corner, so get involved if you like this pop-punk anthem.