LosA shares the dreamy Odd Relics remix of "obscurrity"

California's LosA has recently teamed up with Odd Relics for a slick and dreamy remix of their single "obscurity". The original single was released back in 2022 but what this remix has done for it is breathe new life into the cut, and immediately as we started the track off we were taken deep into the depths of the night. 
If you want to be transported away into the darkness on a blissful, and yet euphoric, track then look no further. 

The track for me feels like the type of song that you'll find late at night on BBC Radio 1 where they fill the soundwaves with deep cuts from all over the world that are dreamy, sonic and down-right atmospheric dance tunes - and this remix certainly fits the bill.

This is the first remix that Odd Relics has done (at least according to Spotify) and it's utterly brilliant, if LosA and Odd Relics ever wanted to collaborate on a bigger release then this could be a dark horse on their respective scenes!