marjolaine reveals their debut track, "Between Moon and Coffee"

Hailing from Montreal is the duo of marjolaine, and recently the act has revealed their new track, "Between Moon and Coffee". Not only this but this track also acts as the debut for the band, and what a way to enter the Canadian music scene with.

A fantastic track for a band to release as their debut, it'll go a long way in cementing their place in their scene.

The charming slice of acoustic rock is vocally driven with a strong guitar tone acting as the lead instrument on this track. As the track progresses more vocals are heard in the background with some smooth basslines adding even more depth.

Even though the track just about gets past the 100-second mark it really leaves a lasting impression on you, as it did with me. The addition of keys towards the end helps to give it that edge and will no doubt go a long way in enticing you in to their sound.  The debut offering is also lifted from their forthcoming EP, "On Shuttles or In Rockets", due out later this year - so if you liked this then you certainly need to follow them on the socials.