Marky Wildtype shares his soaring new tune, "Tomorrow"

Fully independent (just the way we like it) singer-songwriter/producer Marky Wildtype has today revealed his brand new track, "Tomorrow". The artist has been around the scene in Scotland for a while, performing and writing in a variety of acts but has since gone solo to pursue his own sound, and what a move that was.

Speaking about the song he mentions - " ...  'Tomorrow' wraps an impassioned plea for understanding when words fail within an anthemic and powerful rock song, building to an epic climax."

A fantastic blend of multiple rock sub-genres!

The track is a fantastic blend of a few bands we absolutely love, as right from the start you're welcomed in with this early 2000s wall of guitar, shortly thereafter met by his smooth and direct vocals. The addition of the acoustic guitar is warmly welcomed helping to bring the track down back to earth, but not before bringing in some Biffy Clyro-esque droplets of guitar.

The track also acts as the fourth from his forthcoming album, so if you like what you hear you need to rush over to his Spotify to check out the trio of songs that came out before this (and to obviously follow him so you don't miss future releases).