Nihiloceros drop their frantic new EP, "Dark Ice Balloons"

Coming out of the scene in Brooklyn, NY is Nihiloceros, and just last month saw the band drop their frantic new EP, "Dark Ice Balloons".

The latest release from the outfit literally hits the road running with the rampant cut "Penguin Wings", before a equally fast-paced punk-toned track "Killing Ghost" comes in. The second track takes a more of a slow-paced turn but it's still pretty damn moshable.

22 minutes of high-octane rock music, get stuck in!


The middle few tracks of the EP feature one of their biggest tracks to date, "Krong", which reminds me a lot of the late 90s punk/skater scene. Following that you've got a duo of tracks that'll give you plenty of head-banging, even though the track "Counting Sheep" starts off on a slow pace it's not long before Nihiloceros switch it up on you!

The bookend to the whole release is the brilliant "Purgetory (Summer Swim)" which to me sounds like the best one they could choose to close the release out on. It's very singable to the new listener, rather radio-friendly and yet it still keeps that high-octane sound. 

The EP is nothing short of 22 minutes of high-octane rock music, so get your teeth stuck into this!

Nihiloceros - Dark Ice Balloons
Out of 10: 8/10