No See Ums unveils their 90s infused new single, "Weekend"

Brighton-based band No See Ums have recently unveiled their 90s-infused new single, "Weekend", and it's almost as if we've been taken back 30 years in time with this slice of music. The tune is a re-release of the very same track that was released on their album "Elephants at the Airport", and for good reason too as it's one of the strongest on the LP.

90's infused sounds with relatable lyrics, this could be the song that gets them noticed!

Speaking about the song frontman Pbhil says - "I think many people will be able to understand feeling down on your luck and detached from humanity, we’re tapping into that sense of hopelessness that people feel but kind of doing it playfully because on the surface it’s almost a jolly-sounding song"

The guitar on the intro gave me some big Britpop vibes, something in the same realm as The Stone Roses and as that fades away we've got a jangly sound with direct vocals channelling down your ears. The vocals are very British sounding, of course, but what artists tend to do these days is sing in an American accent or 'Atlantic English' which takes away some of the originality, but not No See Ums!

With incredibly relatable lyrics to every British person out there, this song may just be the song that can get them the attention they deserve.