The House Flies return with their new single, "She Hums Mozart"

Having released their debut EP last year, titled "Glimmer", The House Flies have now returned with their new single, "She Hums Mozart". Hailing from Illinois the sound that this newly formed trio has is one that bears huge nostalgia for me, especially in the intro as it feels almost as if I've been placed back in Manchester in the late 1970s - Joy Division anyone?

Dark and mysterious post-punk with enough shoegaze sounds to give the very best a run for their money!

The intro alone takes up a quarter of the track but once those vocals come in you'll be pleasantly surprised much like I was. They're dark and give you a sense of mysticism about them, but without them feeling drowned out at all by the wall of guitars.

The band blend post-punk tones with soring shoegaze sounds to create a track that can easily get anyone who has a taste for nostalgia highly excited. The single also comes ahead of their upcoming album release, "Mannequin Deposit," on July 2nd.