Tom Elliot shares his strong new single, "Picking Scabs"

Since releasing his debut single earlier on in the year Tom Elliot has decided not to slow down. Earlier on this month the Manchester-based singer-songwriter shared his strong new single, "Picking Scabs". "Picking Scabs" opens up with this raw and bold guitar line shortly followed by his nostalgic-sounding vocals, it's not far off the type of sounds you would have heard in the British indie scene in the mid-90s.

"Picking Scabs" is the type of track that can resonate with loads of people, chock-filled with nostalgic tones too. 

The guitar sounds here are laced with plenty of reverb, delay and as such the atmosphere within the track is huge. When the chorus comes it brings me some memories from the late 00s indie scene, The Maccabees and The Kooks came to mind, but what Tom has done on this track is stunning as it can bring in indie and alt fans from a wide range of backgrounds.