Harpa shares her soaring new single, "Gone"

Coming out from Nottingham is the singer-songwriter Harpa, and earlier in July they released their impressive new single, "Gone". The track kicks off with a deep and hard-rock-sounding guitar that drives the track into realms similar to that of Evanescence and Korn.
Powerful vocals with equally powerful guitar chords.

The vocal range that Harpa has is stunning, and once more reminds me of Amy Lee in terms of how cinematic and classical the vocal tones can get. Since her debut track, "I've Been in Love Before" came out in 2021 it's been a steady rise for the Nottingham singer, but with every release, she's refining her sound more and more. 

This new track is a big step in the right direction as there are lots of people out there who love huge female vocals on heavier rock tunes. Powerful vocals with equally powerful guitar chords, what's not to love.