Jekyll drops their huge new anthem, "Divine Standards"

Bursting out of the Blackpool scene is Jekyll, and recently the band has dropped their stunning new single, "Divine Standards". The band has been working on their sound since they first dropped their single "Plan A" back in 2018, and with every release they're seemingly getting better and better.
Expect to see Jekyll taking over your playlists, this one is absolutely huge.

"Divine Standards" sounds like a track that was written to close out an action movie, it's filled with high-octane drum fills, jangly guitars mixed with ear-trembling bass and vocals that deserve to be filling arenas all up and down the UK.

Speaking about the track the band says - " ... "Divine Standards" is about holding yourself to impossible, perfectionist standards, and feeling ashamed of the fallibility, and the presence of light and darkness, inside yourself."

The track sounds like the perfect blend of Nothing But Thieves with the stunning production and rock-driven choruses, Muse with the vocal approach and even Linkin Park in places too. With a huge backing behind them, I'm sure that Jekyll will be taking 2025 by the horns, based on this track they're on course to headline Reading + Leeds in years to come.