Jeunhom unveils their upbeat new tune, "Ciel Aquarelle"

Hailing from the North of France, Lille to be exact, is Jeunhom and recently the singer-songwriter unveiled their upbeat new tune, "Ciel Aquarelle". The track comes only a few months after the "Ouuch" single came out and is once again a smooth and vibrant alt-pop bop.

A great example of a vibrant Alt-Pop track with plenty of soulful vocal tones.

My French (as an Englishman) is rather non-existent, but you don't need to know the language to know that his vocals are dreamy, and smooth and are like syrup flowing around your body. 

Musically it's very folk-driven with the acoustic nature of the guitar and percussion, but the electric guitar that jumps around the track on "Ciel Aquarelle" gives it that added bite. 

The new tune also acts as the first single from the LP "Jim léopold", which will be released in September 2024, so if you like this slice of French Alt-Pop then you're going to love what the debut album has to offer.

Since the track has been released it's by far his most-played song on Spotify - so get ready for more bangers from this rising French act.