Matt Saxton returns with the nostalgic new tune, "The Edge Of Things"

British singer-songwriter Matt Saxton, who hails from the delightfully sounding Burwash Common has returned with his nostalgic new tune, "The Edge Of Things".

Ever since his "It's Alright" single came out in 2022 it's been a big rise for the artist, with now clear over half a million plays - not bad for an independent singer-songwriter in anyone's books!

Nostalgic and jam-packed with sensational instrumentations with plenty of brass tones.

"The Edge Of Things" comes in at under three minutes long, but even though it's a short tune it's jam-packed with sensational instrumentation. There is this charming and brassy core to the track with saxophone adorning it throughout, and when you combine that with the psychedelic washes it's a pleasure-fest for your ears.

Speaking about the track Matt mentions - "Do you ever feel your life is like an extra in someone else’s film? Is the real action somewhere else? Are you therefore on the edge of things and not front and centre?" The single acts as his second song to be lifted from his forthcoming album, and if this is anything to go by it could be one of the best in the genre for 2024!