The Heroic Enthusiasts share their nostalgic new tune, "All I Want"

Coming out of Rochester, NY is the exciting duo of The Heroic Enthusiasts, and late last month the band shared their nostalgic new tune, "All I Want". The new single also acts as the first to be lifted from their new album and was collaborated with legendary producer Stephen Hague (New Order, Peter Gabriel, Erasure), so expect plenty of nostalgia on this!
...  expect plenty of nostalgia on this!

With over half a million streams already the band clearly has worked hard at refining their sound, with this new cut being a vibrant blend of 80s rock sounds with angular guitars and a fast-paced percussion section.

Vocally it's definitely the kind of track that can take you back 30 years or so, they're stunning and even combined with the backing vocals it's soothingly sleek.

If you like New Order, Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode then "All I Want" from The Heroic Enthusiasts will sit nicely alongside those legends of the scene, so