The Winter Sounds drops their strong new indie anthem, "Big Dreams"

Coming out from Pardubice in the Czech Republic (aka Czechia) is The Winter Sounds and their fantastic new tune, "Big Dreams". One thing that I found out about this track from the very first 10 seconds was how post-punk revival it will sound, with tones familiar to fans of Bloc Party and even Foals. 
... festival-ready for thousands of fans to get stuck into.

As soon as those hazy vocals rolled over it almost turned into a track by The Strokes or Digitalism, the sense of nostalgia is strong here with my head feeling like it was taken back to the early 2010. The fact that this band is based out of Central Europe is amazing to me as it feels almost as if they belong in the UK scene! The way this is even produced is so clean and festival-ready for thousands of fans to get stuck into.

Talking about the song they say - " ... ‘Big Dreams’ deals with the existential grief surrounding climate collapse and the recognition that surrender is not an option"

With a handful of EPs and even an album already on Spotify we feel like if you are a fan of "Big Dreams" you'll end up going through all of their older tunes, and if you do be sure to give "Broken Bodies" a spin!