Toto Peña shares his charming lo-fi tune, "FUELT4NK"

Back with his second single of the year is Toto Peña with "FUELT4NK", the song also acts as a teaser for his forthcoming album that's due out in the latter quarter of the year.

... a fun-filled smattering of lo-fi sounds

The sounds that Toto Peña and "FUELT4NK" possess are one that those quirky lo-fi fans will absolutely adore and fall in love with. Right from the outset you've got distorted jangly guitars adorned in haze, fuzz and all sorts, once the vocals come in the track is a bit more chill, but those jangly guitars steadily flow back into the track like a bubbling brook before it bursts it's banks. 

The chorus is more of the same sound that was heard in the intro, a fun-filled smattering of lo-fi sounds, even the vocals get added reverb layers to give the track added depth (must say I do love those backing vocals in the latter half of the single.