Local Bands... Morning Parade

This week is the first in my new section, Local Bands, and I would love to give you some comments on a up and coming band, Morning Parade.

I have already reviewed them before on here but I don't think it done them enough justice!

They are arguably the best band I have cam across since I have started this search for the freshest new bands and under the radar acts . With my music catalogue of over 5,000 songs(and growing each day with new releases), they are still getting played very frequently due to having 3 MASSIVE tracks out there! Also I went to see them support ASH at the Junction in Cambridge, one track also stood out, Headlights, if they do record this this can easily be a hit, not me being optimistic but to be honest being more realistic, this hurts that people don't know them better!

With such lyrics as:
"Sit and wish the world would settle down, Sit and hope the silence in your heart won't drown, Writing lists of all the things I've said, Wasting days by spending them in bed"
Morning Parade - Youth

So far they have supported, Renegades (Feeder), ASH, Good Shoes, Reverend And The Makers and Goldhawks. Also they have been played by none other than Zane Lowe! YES him, the guy that gets all the best new music for BBC Radio 1!

Some other things you have to consider is they have played a Skins house party for E4 in Bristol, played for NME. Also on the Feeder forum people have been praising them for their performance in Sheffield, and also ASH fans were quick to show their good will with me over hearing several people (in ear shot) saying "WOW the best support act for a long time", and easily I would agree.

With a host of festival slots lined up here is a list of where they are playing.
Dot To Dot - Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham! (With lots of great acts such as Delphic)
Warwick Students Ball - Warwick (With Bombay Bicycle Club!)
NASS Extreme Sports Festival - Bath
Y-Not Festival - Derbyshire
Underage Festival - London
Relentless Boardmasters Surf Festival - Newquay
also more are at their MySpace and Facebook so keep an eye out.

Morning Parade - Marble Attic - Via the Official site, as a free download
Morning Parade - A&E - Via YouTube
Morning Parade - Youth - Via their Myspace