Album Review... Baddies - Build

The first track on the album is a fully charged rush of electronic noise, not stopping for a beat, get up and go music for the masses! ‘The Lightmen’ is another track we loved; it’s the darkest and most experimental track on the record. It sounds like the soundscapes on this track came straight of a nightmare, it’s exceptionally dark track! As suggested by the title this is the nearest song to a ‘pop’ song on the record. It’ has a different feel to the preceding track but maintaining that 'wall of sound' sound.

‘Talk Me To Germany’ sounds like The Wombats on Prozac, it’s synth heavy and it really fun to listen! Every album has to have a track that builds and builds; this track is that track! It subtly build up to a pretty orgasmic climax! ‘Bronto’ is a live favourite of theirs and their fans; this is once again a great track to listen to, I can really imagine people driving the car and getting carried away by listening to this . ‘Star Surfing’ closes the album, and in terrific form, once again it’s a slow burner but this one gives you a lasting memory of a quality album. Thanks guys, this has been a blast to listen to!

Baddies - Build
Out of 10: 8/10