Album Review... Moats - Singapore

We first got into Moats via their old band, and since then we've heard some amazing tracks come from them. Today I am pleased to review their début release, an album that they've recorded, engineered, produced and mixed on their own. Truly a band we at It's All Indie can relate to, doing it alone and doing it well!

The song opens with their signature track from the old band 'Toothache', the song is immensely catchy and with the crisp boy/girl vocals from collaborator Asya Fairchild this is a great way to enter the album. The next track is 'Fortnight' and it's a haunting affair, it has a guitar riff in the background that reminds me slightly of Nirvana, not a bad thing, but it certainly gives it that extra edge.

As you get into the album a bit more you get given a right treat, a song that is a former 'Track of the week' song; 'Skin'. This as you know we absolutely love! The track that caught us on the initial listen was 'Skin', it's got a slow and gentile start and then the vocals of Matthew come in and lulls you into a trance. The whole song isn't like that though, the chorus comes and it couldn't be anything from the start of the song. It's so upbeat and it's so easy to get a dance on to with!

The next few tracks are 'Vacate','Alt Glue' and 'Show', the first of the three is a career turning track, it reminds me of the début album from Bombay Bicycle Club, so ambitious and so fresh, 'Alt Glue' is a slower track compared to any previous to it and it's yet another haunting track to behold. We end this little segment on 'Show', as we've mentioned before they've got great energy when playing music, and it really shows in 'Show', this sounds like the track The Maccabees wish they wrote!

'Regions' is another stunning track, I'm starting to believe how they've done this album, it's pure Moats, the vocals dominating the start of the track and then a rush of guitars come into the song giving your ears a right treat. This song is made even better by the track after it, 'Snow / No Need' is yet another fast paced bouncing Indie-Rock track, something you can clearly see being played at major festivals in years to come!

We end the album on 'Glue', but not before they get to play out 'Gold' and their most recent single 'Puddles To Ponds'. The former of the two is a slow track that builds and mains body and explodes slowly towards the end of the song sounding like a homage to Wu Lyf and Peace. 'Puddles To Ponds' sounds like early Foals, slightly Math-Rock influenced and fast paced, if you base the album on one song, base it on this track, it's got it all! The album ends on the original version of 'Glue' which was recorded with Asya Fairchild, every album needs a great closer, and Moats have it with this song.

Considering how young the band is, and they done everything on their own this is a tremendous début by anyone's standards, major record labels get your scouts out to sign them up, I would! An amazing album for a band that more than deserves the success!

Moats - Singapore
Out of 10: 8/10

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