Album Review... Everything Everything - Arc

Everything about Everything Everything has a sense of big theatre and drama, surrounding their first album a big weight was lifted off their shoulders as they made one of the best albums of that year. 'Arc' is keeping them on track with a great bunch of tracks, 'Cough Cough' is one of those songs that is a great big slab of artful pop, Everything Everything are one of the country's most puzzling, intoxicating groups and it's clear why thanks to 'Cough Cough'!

When a song literally follows you around – and I mean everywhere! 'Kemosabe' is also a great piece of how an artful Indie band from Manchester can take over your senses and give you a track that you can get hooked onto for days on end! The album then goes into something new, a prominent synth opens up 'Torso Of The Week' while not continuing through the song it then turns into something intoxicating!

'Duet' seems to be their 'Final Form' on this album with a slow opening start to the start and then climaxing towards the end. 'Choice Mountain' and 'Feet For Hands' remind us of their early performances with energy and gusto, the latter of the two tracks features an acoustic guitar with a distorted bass throwing you, but this is pure Everything Everything. Qwerky! 'Undrowned' is the strange one on the album, it never seems to get going but end very suddenly, not my favourite of the tracks on the record but the next few more than makes up for it!

'_Arc_' just bridges the two halves of the album together with the 2nd half reminding us of their first effort 'Man Alive'. The ballads are nicely minimal in this section of the album as 'Armourland' and the slow brooding track 'The House Is Dust' suggest. 'Radiant' is one of the upbeat songs that you can see being a single in the future, a song that really stood out to me on the album, yes it's got a basic guitar structure going on in it but it's the way they use it. Just brilliant!

After the astonishingly long and airy song 'The Peaks' plays out we're just thinking of how this reminds us of their last song on 'Man Alive' ('Weights'), however this is not the parting song, that's left to 'Don't Try', it sees them end the album on a flourish and gives you the sound of this record in one 4minute and 11second sound-bite. So what do we think?

They have done it again and after debuting loads of new tracks live, they've certainly done things the right way round again, building a fan-base on live songs, and from what we can tell, knocking us down in the process. This is a great follow up to 'Man Alive', dare I say it even better? ‘Arc’ is a wonderfully complex album which can swerve off in a different direction completely in the blink of an eye and I'm so happy we've started the new year on a solid album!

Everything Everything - Arc
Out of 10: 8/10

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