Album Review... Animal Kingdom - The Looking Away

Animal Kingdom are in a strange situation as far as I'm concerned. They're signed, but not in their home-land. A few years ago they released their d├ębut album "Signs and Wonders" and everyone who listened to it seemed to be a massive fan, but since then the decline of one of London's hottest bands started. Being dropped by their label and effectively becoming an un-signed band. I'm really pleased to have a review of their 2nd album.

The follow up to their first album which NME described as "achingly beautiful celestial indie…Will have Sigur Ros quivering with envy." And so we begin, the first track on the album welcomes you right back into the world of Animal Kingdom, the song is bold, has big beats and is a great way to start off an album I've been waiting for! "Get Away With It" is next up and with it being on the latest Fifa computer game soundtrack this song and "Strange Attractor" both hold up the band to the world to say yes, that's what we're all about! Dynamic and intricate yet delicate at times, both of these tracks for the "Pop" fans but are real crowd pleasers!

A real highlight for me is the album ballad "Straw Man", and with its lovely piano laden melodies.  unique vocals of Richard Sauberlich its a nice change of pace from the fast tracks before it. "Skipping Disc" is also a laid-back track that really reminds me of the first album,  with it's acoustic-pop stylings this one is set out to be a winner for the more laid back Animal Kingdom fan

"Glass House" is more of an electric affair that's got loads of techy noises going on with "The Art Of Tuning Out" is a moody rocker, while "Get Away With It" mixes sylish synth-pop with their rock, with an infectious chorus! First single "Strange Attractor" is another standout, again mixing electronics with melodic pop and a memorable, soaring chorus. It's no surprise the song made a mark in the alternative charts earlier this year and deservedly so.

"White Sparks" is a slow song off the album, and features some of the interesting instrumental sounds, but the simplistic track really has won me over since first listening to it, one of my highlights! "Everything At Once" pulls out a strong guitar emphasis which is then remains on album closer "Alone Together".

These days there are too many bands trying to ride the mainstream Indie-Pop wave (we name no-one). But Animal Kingdom proves that you don't have to sell out massive venues in your home town to produce one of the finest albums of the year. Although they're not signed that's still not stopped them carrying on and making an album that I adore!

You can check out a demo of a song that didn't make the album just below!

Animal Kingdom - The Looking Away
Out of 10: 9/10

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