Album Review... WhiteMoor - Horizons

WhiteMoor have released their second full length album, and after their début release we couldn't wait to check out their 2nd effort. With the two tracks "High Lights" and "All I've Ever Known" being released a while before the album was ready to drop we knew roughly what the second album would sound like. "All I've Ever Known" has real rive behind it and has guest vocals from MotorMouf. I'm not a big fan of rapping/spoken words in songs but here the two artists combine to give you a track that's gearing you up for the summer time.  "High Lights" is a perfect song for them to come back with, it's got enough in it that it reminds you of their début, but enough new sounds that it'll make you wanting more! 

They've also gone a tad Radiohead on the second track "Horoscopes" with some wah-wah noises coming in, and some deep guitar strokes. It then changes from Alt-Rock to Dance-Rock, with a track that sounds like Chirs Martin himself wrote it, it's got festival tune written all over it! "Embers" continues along the same lines and when it comes to "The Divine" we're back to the Alternative Radiohead-Esque sounds. 

"My Philosophy" is a track that instantly reminds us of The Manic Street Preachers with the vocals and guitar tones, once again a great track to sing-a-long to in the choruses! The album ends on "This Is...", maybe the best track on the album in my opinion, the long ballard closes the album perfectly here, something to remember them by! A lasting sweetness, beautiful!

They've strayed away from their first album a tad here, but every band evolves! While the last album was their first, the second sounds like a blend with Snow Patrol and Coldplay. Radio friendly rock that everyone can love! It does sound like it's two different EP's put together, but to be honest with you, if you're a fan of their first album you're going to love this more experimental WhiteMoor!

WhiteMoor - Horizons
Out of 10: 7.5/10

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