Album Review... Cloud Control - Dream Cave

September 16 saw the release of "Dream Cave", the new album by Australian band Cloud Control. Cloud Control definitely had pressure on them after their sensational debut album "Bliss Release". Not only have they lived up to expectations, but they have succeeded in recording a feel-good album with powerful yet harmonic vocals, with the well placed drums, not - as is often the case - trying to assume control, but much rather supporting their other instruments such as the guitar and a keyboard.
There is a very good chance of you actually already having heard the song "Dojo Rising", which has an instant happiness surrounding it and sounding like it would be perfect in any summer advert.

If you're more into the psychedelic side of music, "Moonrabbit" is a must-hear. Sounding slightly like fellow Australians Tame Impala from the instrumental side, this song provides a massive sing-along!
If you're looking for a song with slightly more edge: (surprise, surprise they deliver) "Island Living" is the one, containing a keyboard intro followed by loud drums constantly pushing the track forwards.
"Happy Birthday" just forces me to heap praise on this album with the song having a rock-feeling to it without losing Cloud Control's own psychedelic sound. And if you're looking for a heart-felt ballad, don't look further than the last song "Dream Cave"

Another wonderful part of this album is the track positioning with quieter, thoughtful songs being followed by explosions of happiness sending a spark of good mood factor from head to toe.
There definitely aren't many downsides to this album, with the most painful being, that this album was only released in the UK and Europe today, September 16, and I would love to have spent my summer lying in the park, seeing clouds drifting by whilst listening to this album. Get your release date right next time, Cloud Control!

For fans of: Tame Impala, MGMT, Egyptian Hip Hop

Cloud Control - Dream Cave
Out of 10: 9/10

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