Album Review... Young Aviators - Self Help

We currently live in an era of extreme social pressure, high unemployment rates, and a depressed economy, needless to say, it is horrendous. Times are rough, and no one seems to be batting an eyelid. No one is capturing how we truly feel and how we need our neglectful government to change. No one, it seems, is giving this generation a voice. Well it seemed that way anyway, I know that is how I felt... I felt neglected and deserted... Right up until I I blared Young Aviators on the stereo the other night.
Young Aviators are a breath of fresh air, and they have single handedly managed to rekindle my passion for music, as well as analyze the social and political problems of the modern, western world. It wasn’t just the musicality of this three-piece that hooked me, in fact it was more the social and political awareness of the lyrics that reeled me right in. Upon hearing the lyrics “Stop, start, walk away, money worries everyday, you can feel them in your soul, what’s my purpose, what’s my goal,” from the second track, ‘Forward Thinking,’ I instantly felt like Young Aviators had managed to capture, not only how I felt, but how my entire generation currently feels right now. Finally someone is singing about the important things in life.

Musically they are genius, for instance did you ever wonder what would happen if you threw psychedelia, four on the floor beats, punk-esque, raw guitars, and harmonizing vocals together? No, I couldn’t even grasp that concept before I blared their debut album, Self Help, at full volume in my bedroom. I will admit that upon hearing the first track, ‘Sunrise On the Motorway,’ I was reminded of the 1960’s psychedelic movement. The guitars shimmered, yet they were still raw, the vocals were harmonizing perfectly, and there was an etherial energy in the background. In that instance I settled down next to my loved one, for what I presumed would be a relaxing half an hour or so of 60’s psychedelic revival... I was so wrong. Within 35 seconds the whole atmosphere had changed, and all it took was a simple drum role. Next thing I knew My girlfriend and I were on our feet and dancing to, what I could only describe as, punk.

The album is a raw, still bruised guide on how to survive in the modern world. The tracks feel as though they were penned to help us all through the journey together, to make us feel like we’re not alone. With songs like, ‘A Love to Change Your Ways,’ you are given advise on how to approach loving someone, and how to get that person and concept in the first place. The band seems to tear and rip through the album with passion, pain, and hope with melodies to hook, and lyrics to teach.
Young Aviators are the new voice of my generation, as they seem to be the only band out there daring to give the modern world two fingers and rewrite our future.

Written by - Luke Dinsdale

Young Aviators - Self Help
Out of 10: 8.5/10

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